Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Raiders of the Lost Sheep

Israel wins significant EU Upgrade

A statement put out by the (Israeli) foreign ministry said this agreement "will usher in a new era in Israeli-European relations." Now, don’t get me wrong, I really look forward to this new era of Israeli-EU relationships, but what I really dread the most is the possibility of another "Left Behind" type series of books from those who interpret biblical prophecy via the front page of newspapers, especially the Jerusalem Post.

What fodder this story will be for the likes of Jerry, Tim and Hal. I’m getting a TBN "word of knowledge". I can see the board-room meeting now:

"Well Jerry, that EU Upgrade story looks like the beginning of the end doesn’t it? This must be the preamble to the seven year treaty that Anti-Christ makes with the Israelis", said Tim.

"Sure looks like it, to me" remarked Hal.

"By the way", queries Jerry, "where did this seven year treaty thing come from anyway?"

"I think it came from Chap 4, verse two of "The Late Great Planet Earth", answered Tim.

"Good enough for me, lets run with it. What shall we title our new piece of literary excellence? How ‘bout "Raiders of the Lost Sheep"?, exclaimed Hal

"Wow! Good..that’ll make big €Euros!"

Tell me it ain’t so!

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Not to mention Jack Van Impe! My Grandparents loved that guy...

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