Sunday, January 29, 2012

For the Record

Quote: Wm Dembski, “The Design Revolution”, pgs 20, & 25

Regarding Intelligent Design: “...the public is informed that intelligent design is religion masquerading as science or Creationism in a Cheap Tuxedo (the title of a newspaper headline). The nature and, in particular, the moral characteristics of that intelligence constitute a separate inquiry. Intelligent design has theological implications, but it is not a theological enterprise. Theology does not own intelligent design. Intelligent design is not an evangelical Christian thing, or a generically Christian thing, or even a generically theistic thing. ...As a consequence, intelligent design does not stand or fall with whether one can furnish a satisfying theodicy.”

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I Got the Blues...Again

Two years ago my children gave a guitar to me for my birthday. Fifty years ago I played at the guitar and haven’t played since then. I never mastered the instrument then and certainly haven’t this time around...but the video does prove the old adage that "you can teach an old dog...old tricks". Maybe that isn’t exactly the way it perhaps what we need is a new...old adage. At any rate, this video is the fruit of my recent labors on an old yet classic song made famous by one of my early musical heros..Bill Doggett and Honky Tonk Part 1.  I do love the "Blues".  Remember this post from 2009?...Click Blues