Saturday, August 28, 2010


Someone has suggested that Pastors begin to test the congregation to see if they are learning anything from his sermons. I wonder if in the majority of churches, especially some churches in the mainline denominations, there is anything taught from the pulpit worthy of testing on. Here is a recent quote from a pastor in the PCUSA denomination: "The gospel texts have to be reinterpreted in every generation with conviction and humility —conviction because they reveal God’s will and word for us; and humility because we are only a chapter in the narrative of the human story".

I remember as a kid...some 63 years ago being taught the Westminster Confession of Faith...larger and shorter catechisms in Sunday School classes and occasional reference to the WCF in good scriptural pulpit sermons. Most of it went over my head or bored me to tears...but in later years I am so thankful for the teachers and pastors that took the Word seriously and faithfully took the time to teach to me and countless others these eternal truths that are based on God’s Holy Word. And, by the way, I remember being tested on the WCF subjects in Sunday School and also being challenged to memorize scripture. But...why bother! According to the PCUSA pastor above the test is no longer valid. In fact , the WCF is no longer valid. In fact, what I learned of the Bible as a child, I must now reinterpret so that it fits today’s societal standards. Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?

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