Saturday, September 4, 2010

Arrogance or Orthodoxy?

The audio I’ve included here, to me, is an amazing look at the handi-work of God.  Some of you know that our home church, Colonial Presbyterian Kansas City, has voted nearly unanimously to disaffiliate with the Presbyterian Church (USA) and to change our affiliation to the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. (EPC) We have been in a period of “discernment” since Jan 2010 to see if the Lord was leading us to make this change. We had taken an unofficial survey to determine the mind of the congregation in all this. The survey resulted in a nearly 91% favorable vote to disaffiliate.

Our congregation had been in much prayer and we truly sought the leading of the Lord. I personally prayed that He would confirm His leading in the official vote by greater than the surveyed 91%. When the official vote was actually taken on Aug 22, 2010 the vote was 97% in favor of leaving. I believe the exchange you will hear was one of the major factors leading to the resulting vote.  This audio is of our very first Town Hall Meeting that took place at our Quivira campus on March 27, 2010. Invited were Colonial members and the Heartland Presbytery Administrative Review Committee.  Four Presbyters were in attendance along with a full house of members.

What you will hear in the 12 minute 46 second audio clip is outlined as follows:

1. A questioner asks that we as a congregation be provided with a list of the issues that we have with the Heartland Presbytery and the PCUSA in general.

2. One of our Adult Sunday School teachers talks about how his son was treated by the Heartland Presbytery when applying for sponsorship to seminary, then about the Confessing Church Movement and ends with a pertinent question to the Presbyters that are in attendance.

3. A Presbyter responds to the question.

4. A Colonial Elder responds to the Presbyter.

The entire one hour 20 minute audio is available here:
(click on Town Hall Meetings March 27th audio)

Below is the 12+ minute clip:

(click on the play button)


Dan said...

Elder Bill Biehl hit it out of the park. That is the difference!!!! We can say Jesus is the only way of salvation because Jesus told us he is the only way of salvation.

It makes you wonder when will these guys pull their heads out of the sand. And they probably think that they are 'mature'.

great post. Thanks

Anonymous said...

My prayers are with you and Colonial as you face times of trial for your courage to stand for the truth. Be blessed, my brother.