Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Window Pain

My son recently invited me to attend a K-State Men’s Basketball game in Manhattan, Ks. Prior to the game we stopped at a local restaurant for dinner. In the restaurant someone had created a beautiful "stained glass" of the K-State "Power Cat". I was inspired. I told my son I’d get busy and see if I could make something similar. Pictured below is the progress and the final result.

This pane was designed to fit perfectly into the window well of the game room in our recently finished basement. Since our home does not have a walk-out basement, a permanent window in this recess is probably not a wise it is merely hanging over the opening and easily removed in case of need. This project has 51 pieces of individually cut glass. It is ironic that my only finger cut occurred during a lunch break opening a can of soup. Here are the photos: (click each to enlarge)


Now, if we can just get those Wildcats to play some good ball!

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