Sunday, November 25, 2012


Just as the big corporations have their own special language or buzz words, such as “ideate” for meet and discuss and “action item” for get ‘er also in the modern theological arena a special language has emerged amongst some of the “spiritual elite”. I have heard or read most of the following terms, primarily, in super-duper multi-campus evangelical organizations or websites. Therefore, for the edification of the small, financially struggling, faithful congregations that are dedicated to the pure teaching and preaching of the gospel and to the correct adminstration of the sacraments, here is a sampling of buzz words used by your big brothers in the faith:

Term & Translation
Testimony (An iteration of what God has done/is doing in your life)
Fellowship (A gathering of Christian friends, usually involves food)
Moral failure (Just plain old sin)
Unpacking the scripture (An explanation via empowerment or annointing of a particular scripture)
Are you tracking with me (Do you understanding what I am saying)
Love on them (Do something nice for someone)
Empowerment (The Holy Spirit’s influence at work in your life)
Find your divine destiny/design (Unpacking your God given gifts and calling in the Church)
Annointing (God’s special Holy Spirit power...used frequently in charismatic assemblies)
Gifting (What you are empowered to be really good/passionate about)
Catalyze spiritual growth (Develop Church programs for laity to understand your divine design/destiny)
Passion area (Areas of gifting or annointing that one loves to do)
Transformational power (Supernatural abilities for serving others, e.g., unpacking scripture)
All-In or Not in At All (I have no clue)
Relational Growth (Growing in the faith through small groups)
Transformative Opportunity (A big, big theological deal)
Sacred Rhythms (The “working outward” part of faith)
Missional (Just too many definitions for this word to even be relevant; it if you must know)
Worldview (How you view history and current events and where and how and why it will one day culminate)
Update...How could I have left out "Intentional" (Used in Christian circles to indicate, of all things, intent.  Also used to admonish one towards decisivness or getting with the program...quickly.)

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