Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

My wife and I went to see Expelled Monday. As you probably know this is Ben Stein’s documentary that attempts to drive home the point that in academia the cards are stacked against anyone who is even remotely thought to be holding Intelligent Design ideas. Any professor holding views contrary to Darwinism are "expelled"...or at least not given tenure or promotion and yes, in some cases, terminated. Your career in main stream academia is basically over when the Darwinian Gestapo finds that you are not towing the party line. This documentary gives several concrete examples of this blatant bias.

Ben Stein is this generation’s rebel that is blowing the whistle on "Big Science" and the institutions of higher learning which are suppressing any scientific study that does not bow down at the altar of Darwinism. One of Ben’s interviews is with Dr William A Dembski author of "The Design Revolution". In this book Dr Dembski gives a short description of Intelligent Design (ID). "Simply put intelligent design is the science that studies signs of intelligence. Stated this way, ID seems straightforward and unproblematic. Yet depending on where the intelligence makes itself evident, one may encounter fierce resistance to ID. Archeologists attributing intelligent design to arrowheads or burial mounds is not controversial. But biologists attributing ID to biological structures raises tremendous anxiety, not only in the scientific community but in the broader culture as well. Why is that?"

This movie attempts to answer the question—"Why is that?" Anyone?...Anyone?... In my opinion one of the main reasons for the tremendous anxiety produced by the study of signs of intelligence is that when an evolutionary proponent hears the word Intelligent Design...he thinks "creationism and Christian fundamentalism". In fact ID is simply the scientific process for distinguishing between systems that exhibit design and those that don’t. No identification of the designer is attempted in Intelligent Design processes. In fact, some creationists are critical of ID because of this. ID proponents say that the "designer" is a theological question not a scientific question and they are correct.

As Christians, we know the Designer. He has revealed Himself to us in a theological treatise entitled The Holy Scriptures. Without His revelation he cannot be known. Job 11:7 Can you discover the depths of God? Can you discover the limits of the Almighty? And, of course, the answer to this question is No! Unless God reveals Himself...He cannot be known. Praise God, He has revealed Himself! I recommend this movie to anyone...Darwinist or ID proponent..that would view it with an open mind realizing that Intelligent Design is just one more scientific option. Why would one be afraid if the truth turns out to be that certain biological structures do exhibit design? If so, follow that wherever it leads.

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Ed of Lost and Found said...

I am a Christian, I believe that evolution is a tool of creation, and I beleive that all of the natural world is a product of inteligent design. I have always been amazed that some people think that creation was or is a chemical coincidence. I am also amazed at people who think that they are supporting the teachings of truth, of Jesus Christ when they limit his salvation to people who accept the Word of God on thier terms. Truth is eternal, Knowledge changes as science progresses, to cofuse the two can be disaster for the human race. Galileo died under house arrest because his scientific thinking differed from the Church. The Church admitted that he was right hundreds of years later! I pray that the world will seek the Kingdom of God first and let these egotistical arguments not destroy our opportunity to bring Christ to the masses. Ed Ortstadt