Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Side Effects

Have you noticed the TV ads for some of the newer drugs that are being promoted? The legal requirement to disclose potential side effects seems, to me, to very often negate any potential benefits. This list of side effects of some of the pharmaceuticals, to my surprise, even includes the side effect of "death". The ads most generally conclude with the same advice.."if these symptoms occur see your doctor, immediately". Fairly easy to comply in all cases but one.

I was pondering the idea of Christian themed blogging, i.e., blogging with a Christian worldview and wondered if I should even bother since there are only about 3 people reading this crafty work of literary excellence and I am one of them! As this bit of introspection was occuring I concluded that the real fruit of this blogging adventure so far was from the "side effects" themselves. And I have been the recipient. What do you mean, Dave? Glad you asked! What have been the "side effects" of this effort? Let me list a few:

I have spent more time in biblical/scriptural studies.
I have spent more time in personal and private prayer.
I have spent more time studying Christian themes written by Christian writers.
I have spent more time with family discussing things eternal.
I have actually seen a need to become more involved in the work of the Kingdom, whether at the local church or at other levels.

Praise God, from whom all blessings flow!

I will blog, however if these symptoms continue to occur, I’d better see a Doctor...
of Divinity!

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krista lee said...

Never underestimate how God may use this blog! Although it may seem God's purpose at this moment is designed for you; you never know what this blog may do for just one other reader. God has placed a desire in your heart to write and you are saying yes! Let Him do the rest!