Friday, May 9, 2008

Fun With Billy

Is anyone as sick of Billy Mays as I am? When Billy first hit the super cleaning advertising circuits several years ago, I was gullible enough to buy one of the products that could change a dirty baked on crusty laden stove, or slimey-soap-scummed shower stall to a like brand new, shiny clean, sparkling bright transformed condition. Guess what? It didn’t work like Billy promised! Evidently some manufacturers are still riding the wave of this first $19.95 purchase of mine, but if they are continuing to count on my dollars, I have sworn off any product that is advertised by Billy Mays. I have become a true BM skeptic!

Does Billy remind you of a shady used car dealer when promoting products? Does he have a normal tone of voice or does he scream like that even in the intimacy of his bedroom? "All for only $19.95, but WAIT, there’s more, I’ll double that!" $19.95 seems to be the magic number that folks are willing to gamble on any product that is advertised at 2:00 am. So...if it doesn’t work...we’ve always got the money-back guarantee. Steam Buddy, Mighty Putty or Awesome guarantee! I once bought a pair of socks for $4.00 that had a life-time warranty. They wore out in the same amount of time that a regular pair of socks wears out. Now, where did I put that receipt for those four dollar socks that I bought...oh ‘bout a year ago? Lets see, even if I find it, how much gas will it take and how much time will be spent getting a new pair? I know the sales clerk will look at me like I’m nuts! Forget it!

Now, we also have some tele-evangelists that must have been created from the same BM mold..or is it vice-versa? Is Billy aping the TV spiritual gurus or is it the other way around? Is $19.95 the going price for a guaranteed, never fails "prayer cloth" which contains the real sweat of your favorite "health, happiness and prosperity" prophet? Gullibility and $19.95 seems to be the common denominator that keeps both of these types screaming at you during those restless, sleepless nights at 2:00 am. Two verses from scripture come to mind:

1Co 13:7 ".......believeth all things........"
1Jo 4:1 "........ but test the spirits......."

Contradictory? Context is everything! Your assignment, should you decide to accept it...check the context! Gullibility will be dispelled and $19.95 will be saved!

This video will put you back to sleep at 2:00 am.

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