Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pete Pete and Repete

I know that most folks have endured seemingly endless praise choruses in youth services or perhaps even in regular worship services. I, in fact, visited a church one Sunday and the worship team began with the singing of praise chourses and the singing didn’t cease for 35 minutes, all while standing. My wife and I had to sit down after about 20 minutes. We were exhausted. It was a real test of physical endurance. Age may have had something to do with it! Now, I love to sing, even if I can’t. Dogs’ ears perk up when I make an attempt. Nevertheless, an attempt is made to make a joyful noise unto the Lord. So..don’t get me wrong with the cartoon I am posting. And don’t inform me that there are angelic beings that exist simply for the purpose of saying, Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, which was, and is, and is to come. (Rev 4:8) I know that!

The cartoon is an exaggeration of the endless repetition that is a part of so many worship services in the modern church. When I created the cartoon, I had what I thought was the perfect caption as the lady in the first row turns to the man next to her and declares....something????? After thinking about my caption for a day or so, I thought maybe this is not so perfect; maybe someone else may have the perfect that’s where you my loyal reader(s) come in. It’s your turn to provide the "perfect caption". Are you up to the challenge? Just post your caption in the comment section. If you’re in Gibsonia, Houston, Baton Rouge, Olathe, Shawnee, Zelienople, Kansas City...wherever I want your input. It’s up to you!

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krista lee said...

"Repeat? Isn't there another sentence?"!

There's my stab at the caption! Great cartoon!!!

Jo Van said...

"Why don't we sing it one more time!!"

Do I win dinner for two?

Pearlygate said...

Three possibilities.
"I'd raise my hand also but I'm afraid he'd have us sing it another 15 times."

"Is the "He" the guy with the guitar or someone else?"

"He is exalted and I'm exausted! Can we sit down?"

Dan said...

Did he just say, "Second verse, same as the first!"?

Dave Van said...

The “hands down” winner of dinner for two as our guests at the “Melting Pot” on the Plaza in KC is “Pearly Gate”. PG wins for shear volume..3 entries..and for the fact that he is the furthest away (East Coast) and the likelyhood of having to actually shell out any money is “slim to none”
Some of mine were:
“Catchy Lyrics”
“ Hey, I think I’ve got this memorized already”
“Is it safe to say this song was not written by Isaac Watts or Augustus Toplady?”
“I think the cartoonist didn’t build the aisle wide enough for weddings”.
"He is exalted..but I am exhausted!" (great minds...)

Thanks have made my day!!