Friday, September 12, 2008

The Gospel Coalition

Following up with my blog entry on "The Great Commission" the following 7min 45sec video is an introduction to The Gospel Coalition. So far this coaliton is made up of a diverse group of pastors who intend to proclaim the "centrality" of the Gospel message. In this introductory video you will see John Piper, Tim Keller, Phil Ryken, Mark Dever, D.A. Carson, Thabiti Anyabwile and others. They have come together in an effort to encourage each other in preserving the past, rejoicing in the grace of God, helping each other in their visons, direction and leadership and for clarifying, celebrating and preserving the gospel as the "power of God unto salvation".

Browse the website & watch some of the other videos. I personally think this is a response to the "emerging church movement", although this term or this movement is not mentioned in any of the resources I have perused.


Dan said...

Maybe not so much a response to the emerging church movement, but a response to the deemphasis on the substitutionary atonement of Christ that is populare among many emergents and extends far beyond.

The most prominent emergent theologians look (to me) like recycled neo-orthodox guys from the 60's (and earlier/later). They often use language that is traditional yet use it to convey a different emphasis. That is where lots of people seem to be concerning the atonement.

The gospel coalition probably has more focus than this one perspective, but is certainly based upon the centrality of the cross of Jesus as the way and means of real life!


Dave Van said...

Good comment. I agree. I think the “emergents” go beyond just a de-emphasis on the atonement, also. It seems the de-emphasis is on being able to know truth...propositionally. Granted we cannot know truth as God knows it because of our finitude...but we can know certainly and truly what He has revealed and that it corresponds to reality.