Saturday, April 18, 2009


Our Associate Pastor recently referred to our denomination as “self-destructing”. He says, “I belong to and have poured my best energies into a denomination which is self-destructing, and there is no sense of security that it will hold together long enough to get to retirement years. “ Some of our other Christian brothers would not be so kind since they deem the PCUSA as already in a state of “apostasy”.

I recently read two articles in The Layman that prompted the drawing below. They tend to highlight the self-destruction that is taking place. One actually makes mention of “middle age” practices of the PCUSA hierarchy. The pictorial below is based upon that era. The other article demonstrates how the practices are played out in the real life of a local PCUSA congregation and seem to be a result of the “Louisville Papers”. The Louisville Papers have been described as "calling for the use of draconian measures when claiming local church property". I have linked to all articles. They seem to corroborate the theme of the drawing posted below. It's all about "Deeds".
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Anonymous said...


Excellent cartoon!!

I believe you have visually captured the current state of the denomination in regards to conservative dissenters and property. The saddest thing is the "moderates" believe they are doing the right thing.

You have a gift.

In Him,