Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Got The Blues

Now, I’m not quite sure that a Christian can really have the "blues"..unless there may be a longing or a deep desire from within the heart to see your Savior face to face. And..I’m sure that there have been many songs and sermons sung and preached on this subject...but I doubt if any had a title anywhere near something akin to "I Got the Blues".

If you have been following my blogging recently I have mentioned that I had been searching for the 3rd friend from my tour of duty in the U.S. Army back in the early 60’s..and that I discovered that he had suddenly passed away in 1996 due to heart failure...12 years prior to the beginning of my futile search for reunion. What I also discovered was that my Army friend left a son and a daughter. Let me tell you about the son...at least what I’ve been able to discover at this point. His son is nearly the cloned copy of the friend that I knew when in the service, although now in his mid thirties. We were in our early twenties when in the Army. We have exchanged e-mails. He is a musician, a guitarist, specializing in the "blues".

Prior to being drafted into service I and a couple friends had our own little rhythm & blues band and played in a few joints..for "food"..(beer, actually). I immediately developed a kinship based upon the fact that not only did he know of one of my early musical idols, Bill Doggett, but he also has all of his records and also greatly admires him. Plus, this fella can play the guitar...like I only dreamed of playing. Our little R&B band sounded like my granddaughter’s 5th grade band, comparatively. (about which I recently blogged) He not only plays professionally..but he is also utilizing his wonderful talent in the music department of his Church. Here is a demo video he has produced:

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