Friday, March 6, 2009

Wiedervereinigung (Reunion)

Tomorrow I am meeting with an old U.S. Army buddy that I haven’t seen in 40 years..or so. We spent nearly two years together in the same Kaserne (barracks) in the US 7th Army 4th Msl Btn, Battery D, 1962-1963 in Schwabach, Germany. Our claim to war fame was that we went on full alert during the Cuban Missile Crisis which was a line drawn in the sand by JFK in 1962 which said to his Russian counterpart, Khrushchev, you can go no further with your arms program in Cuba. Our Hawk Missile defense system was brought up to the ready and aimed toward the East just in case Khrushchev decided to take this as a provocation to attack Germany. Providentially, Khrushchev backed down after negotiators at the UN came to agreement and peace was maintained.

This agreement made our tour of duty in Germany much more enjoyable than that of our counterparts of 20 years prior. We will have much to hash, rehash, and reminisce about regarding our experiences of 40+ years ago in Deutschland. I am posting a picture of each of us from the 1962 era and after the meeting will add the 2009 picture of the reunion. I dont think I have changed that much...but I’ll bet he has!!!

2009 Photo

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krista lee said...

Reunions are so much fun! You both look great! I am glad you enjoyed your time catching up with your friend.