Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dueling Banjos Cartoons

Have you ever opened the morning newspaper and looked at the editorial cartoon and just wanted to throw a brick at the paper? (no, that’s what you do to the TV when MSNBC is on) What?... burn the paper? Soak it in water?... Cancel your subscription...? Maybe in the past...but now it’s the "Dueling Cartoons"! Here in the KC area we have a liberal newspaper...and, guess what,....that’s right... a liberal opinion cartoonist. Imagine that! In the past I would write a letter to the editor to voice my opposition to the cartoon subject matter.....but to no avail. Given the number of letters...I suppose my conservative opinion might just get lost in the shuffle whether by intent or not. So...the solution...create the "Dueling-Cartoon" .

Now, I know I don’t have the readership of the local newspaper, nor the artistic talent of my local cartoonist..but I do have "some" readership and "some" talent and this venture allows me to vent my inner anger/frustration in more positive ways and to continue to help support the local economy by NOT cancelling my subscription. My first attempt at this venting process is posted below and is based on the Friday morning, May 8th editorial cartoon which can be viewed here. So now, you may have at least two opinions.
(If you’re not familiar with the Perez Hilton can brush up here.)

(click to enlarge)

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